Lindsey Lanpher
Creative Director

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News: Named to ADWEEK'S "Creative 100"  

Latest Work: Flamingo Razors by Harry's

In the personal care business “The Quality Gap,” describes the discriminatory practice that charges women more for lower quality goods. Harry's thought that was messed up. Especially when millions of women were shaving their legs and delicate bits with razors designed to be manhandled. So they created Flamingo. Equal quality blades. Same price. In a razor designed for the ways women shave. Which inspired our idea – Quality Equality – a call for all companies to start offering equal quality for an equal price. We ditched the pretty pink imagery and respected women’s intelligence by focusing on the quality of the blades. ​

Featured Work: JBL Headphones

Bad things can happen to good people when headphone wires get in the way. ​


The Lincoln Motor Company

Integrated Campaign

A classic brand turns ninety-years new. Lincoln wanted to shed its “boats for old folks” image and give its entire image a brand new car smell.



Integrated Campaign

Overview: With their centennial approaching, Converse wanted a campaign that would inspire the next generation of artists and musicians to pick up the torch.