The Lincoln Motor Company
Brand Re-Launch

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Super Bowl Spot

Edsel Ford designed his first Lincoln models to please the individual. So we asked the Twitter community for their favorite road trip memories. From their stores we weaved together a yarn complete with Aliens, Alpacas and a biker gang, creating a spot crafted around the individuals who shared them. Just like Lincoln’s automobiles.

Hello, Again - Integrated Campaign

We began by facing a hard truth: the once iconic brand had fallen far from the throne of cultural relevance. Our goal was to get them back on the cultural map with “Hello, Again.” A program that invites artists from varied creative fields to reinvent a classic creation. What does this have to do with Lincoln, exactly? The Lincoln Motor Company was born from automakers taking a second look at the classic car and recreating it into something new.

Hello, Again - Interactive Concert

We created a first of it's kind 360 degree VR experience centered around a Beck concert where he covered a David Bowie song. Read more about the experience in Fast Company.

Brand Launch Print

As an automobile crafted for individuals, we decided to make our announcement through a simple, classic newspaper ad. Because what could be more personal than a letter written for an audience who appreciates craft and the written word.